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MDaemon is a Windows-based email server that provides full mail server functionality and control as well as a host of other features. It includes anti-virus and anti-spam security features, seamless web access to email via the integrated WorldClient component, can be administered remotely through the web-based WebAdmin plug-in, and much more.

Hosting your own mail server within your own local network allows all your organisation's email to be received and then redistributed to local user accounts that you retain complete management over. Internal email is kept internal, ISP costs and bandwidth usage are reduced while powerful security features such as centralised antivirus/antispam/antispoofing control are introduced. MDaemon's massive feature set coupled with simple administration, low cost of ownership and increased logging of activity means that IT administrators will quickly enhance email usage across the organisation.

MDaemon is proven as a secure, dependable and versatile mail server. It is available in Standard and Professional editions. The purchase of MDaemon also includes one year of free upgrade protection to protect your investment.

The MDaemon Email Server suite of products is a powerful, easy to run, low cost, alternative to Microsoft Exchange server - see a few reasons why MDaemon provides the reliable alternative to Exchange here.


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MDaemon V10

What's NEW in MDaemon 10?

The best Exchange alternative just got better

MDaemon version 10 is the latest major release of one of the most popular Exchange alternatives among small business communities today. Best known for it's ease of use, reliability and cutting edge security tools (one of the first email servers to incorporate DKIM email authentication), we think this eagerly awaited release of MDaemon is the best yet, and here's why...

A new look!

The most noticeable of improvements from the outset is an update to the user interface making it more accessible to new users and easier to manage for existing users.

Gone are the multi-tabbed option windows which have been replaced by more modern 'tree control' option windows. The menus and tool bars have been simplified and rationalised whilst the GUI has also received a new graphical look.

It's at this point we should assure existing users that despite the new look, the features you've come to appreciate are still all present and correct!

Improved WorldClient webmail client

Recognising the ever increasing need for users to be mobile and have easy quick access to their email, calendar, contact and task folders, MDaemon 10's release sees many significant improvements to its webmail client - WorldClient.

Users will now appreciate the ability to select a theme and language directly from their login page while users in seperate time-zones will also benefit from the ability to select the appropriate time offset when viewing their information.

The simple theme has been revised with the goal of being even cleaner and easier to use on low bandwidth connections whilst also providing a fully accessible interface to visually impaired users who may be using screen readers or need larger font sizes to be able to use their account successfully.

WorldClient's LookOut theme, being the most popular theme by far, has improved in v10 in several ways making it a truely viable alternative to traditional application based emails clients like Microsoft Outlook but with the benefit of requiring nothing other than a connection to the MDaemon server and a modern web browser. Users will notice immediate and significant improvements in performance along with new enhancements such as a threaded message view, column display customisation, improved message compose window and improved contacts view combined with generally improved cross-browser support.

ComAgent messaging client

A much improved and modernised interface make ComAgent a great tool for your users, providing them with a secure messaging client for use in the corporate environment. As well as providing instant messaging and new email notification, ComAgent also provides quick and easy access to your WorldClient webmail account.

Domain sharing (requires MDaemon PRO)

Domain Sharing is a new feature which allows you to split a domain's users across multiple servers running anywhere you wish. Domain Sharing eases the setting up of branch offices which wish to use the same domain but have different users. With Domain Sharing you can have a portion of a domain's users on one server and another portion on another server.


Important information for upgraders (taken from the release notes)

Overview of Features:

  • MDaemon 10 required significant change to several of its configuration files and is therefore NOT backward compatible. Once this version is installed it will NOT be possible to "go back" by reinstalling an old version on top of this one. The installation process will make a backup but you should also make your own backup. Please read the Special Considerations section below carefully as the changes made there may require configuration action on your part.
  • The schedule files for mail collection, antivirus updates, and antispam updates have been changed. As a result, these schedules were all reset to installation defaults. Please check your mail, antivirus, and antispam schedules by pressing F6 and making whatever changes you feel necessary.
  • WorldClient's message index file format has changed. It will be updated to the new format when a user logs in for the first time. Expect user logins to be slow the first time but normal speed thereafter.
  • Your DNSBL settings have been reset. Check them to make sure they are as you desire. DNSBL settings are found within the new Spam Filter UI.
  • MDaemon Standard no longer supports Gateways AT ALL. If you want Gateway capability you must now upgrade to MDaemon PRO.
  • MDaemon Standard is now limited to 5 mailing lists with a maximum of 50 subscribers each. If you want more or larger mailing lists you must now upgrade to MDaemon PRO.
  • The "Always Log To Screen" option in F2|Logging|Options has been reset to its default (disabled). You may want to re-enable it.
  • The Signature.dat file is no longer used. Signatures for individual accounts are now stored as .sig files in the new Signatures root folder. MDaemon will read Signature.dat and migrate existing account signatures to the new folder and file format. You will need to recreate your default domain signature (if you use one) by selecting F2->Domain Signatures.
  • Configured action for virus dispensation has been reset to the default of "Quarantine the infected attachment." If you'd prefer a different setting please configure that by pressing Ctrl+A.

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